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About George Hlavenka, AIA Architecture

George Hlavenka, AIA specializes in providing thoughtful and detailed solutions to the complex architectural challenges of all types of building projects. Our broad experience gives us the ability to provide effective design and construction guidance on a wide range of project types and styles, from traditional to contemporary, from those with very small budgets to those with very generous ones, from very large buildings to small residential projects.
The firm's founder, George Hlavenka, AIA, has spent over 40 years cultivating a unique understanding of design and the processes of building through a dual-course of intensive work both as Architect and Project Manager on religious and corporate projects as well as many state and academic buildings.

This extensive hands-on study of the fundamental blending of design and craftsmanship gives George Hlavenka, AIA the unique, instinctive ability to provide creative and innovative design solutions to the needs of our clients with the first-hand knowledge and experience essential to the effective implementation of those solutions during the construction process.

While our work is varied in type, style and scale, the important common thread through all of our projects is that we put the needs and goals of our clients first. We listen. We really pay attention. We make your goals our own, and we strive to always meet those goals with integrity and efficiency.